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Professional Matterport Drafting Services

US Based | Since 2016  

From start to finish, we’ve built a reputation with our innovative, painless and immediate Matterport conversion services. We simplify your workload with a convenient process that results in high-quality, accurate, and ready-to-use cad drawings.

Step 01 - Reach out to us!

The first step is to contact Matterport Drafting.  Call or email 7 days a week.

Step 02 - You Send Us Your Source Files

We simply need your Matterport URL.

Step 03 - We estimate cost and time

Your CAD Account Manager will review all specifications and provide a quote and timeline for the overall project.

Cost: Depends on size, discipline, density, clarity of the source files, and volume (we apply a discount for multiple drawings). Our standard pricing includes basic AIA standards, but we can follow your specifications.

Timeline: We can usually begin within 1 day of delivery. Then we deliver as drawings are completed at a rate of 2-5 files daily.

Step 04 - You approve

You approve and it’s go time on our end! The conversion to digital CAD begins.

Step 05 - We redraw

We then overlay the source drawing and manually redraw. This is where our quality supersedes any software.  You cannot get accurate-ready to permit drawings with any convert to CAD software.

Step 06 - We apply your specifications

We ensure all entities are represented as intended and apply your client-specific requirements and layers or by default, we will apply AIA standards.

Step 07- We launch Matterport Drafting Services superior Quality Control

The drawing now enters Matterport Drafting Services QA department.  This is where Matterport Drafting Services stands out; your drawings are analyzed by a team of quality assurance experts. Completed by a separate team rather than the same drafting team.. We got this quality check thing down!

Step 8 - We deliver

Your skilled CAD Account Manager (who supports you through your project) delivers your converted drawing. You now have a fully editable AutoCAD file. Also included with delivery of the CAD file, is a PDF including all sheets – saving you time!

Step 9 - Payment

Once 100% satisfaction has been met, project payment is collected by debit, credit card, check or PayPal.  *NOTE: For first time customers, we do require 50% down.

Matterport Drafting Services – a HandToCAD company

You will receive a ready-to-use AutoCAD version of your file redrawn to your exact custom specifications for less than 1/3 of the cost of doing it in-house.

Increase Productivity



Simplify your workload with our process that ends in high-quality ready to use drawings.

Increase Productivity


 creative hours 

Smart collaboration will allow you to focus your skill set on your next project.

Increase Productivity


 mundane tasks 

The drawings you have can be completed cheaper and faster than in house. 


Increase Productivity

save  time

& money

Matterport Drafting Services helps your project stay on time and on budget. 


How much do you want to save?